Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes ... we are a "Modern Family" ...

We first caught wind of this show just before it premiered in the US. We got our hands on a copy of the first episode ... and we LOVED IT!!!

It is one of those shows that you can watch over and over ... and laugh at something different each time. We were so excited to see it advertised on Channel 10 ... so that Aussie audiences can get a laught at the show we have been telling everyone about!

The success of the Australian premiere has prompted The Herald-Sun (in Melbourne) to run an article about modern families ... and our name was put forward by another journalist. We had the photographer over last night to take some pix (although two cranky girls did make it quite difficult!) ;-)
When we were interviewed for The Age (July 31 - see Media page) the journalist - Farah Farouque - she commented that we were a "modern family with very traditional values" ... which we are!


Edward said...

We're so happy to see this show getting exposure outside of the U.S. IT IS A GEM!!!!
Anyone who is in a family (of any kind) will find joy in these characters. Bravo!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I honestly believe that what children need is loving parents who want them, guide them and are always there for them. You two obviously adore your children which makes you utterly top notch parents in my book. Best of luck with your lovely family.