Monday, May 3, 2010

Where HAS the time gone?


I cannot believe that this week we are organising the girls' first birthday party! Where HAS the time gone?

To think that this time last year, we were in Kuala Lumpur, on our way to India to collect our gorgeous little treasures ... I get teary just thinking about it ...

The girls are growing every day (well ... duh! right? LOL). Both Evelyn and Gaia are free-standing and 'cruising' around the furniture ... and Gaia has even started taking those first shaky steps by herself.

Evelyn still only has two teeth, and we are anxiously waiting for Gaia to produce some munchers (insert song ... All I want for my birthday is my two bottom teeth).

Baby R is now at the 16-week stage ... and by all accounts from Dr Shivani, the surrogate is absolutely glowing, and that the pregnancy is progressing very very smoothly indeed.

Here is one of the 12-week scans we received a couple of weeks ago ...

We are getting very excited about the prospect of another set of little feet pattering around the house ... and we really don't care whether it's a boy or a girl ... as long as it's healthy, and has all of it's bit where they are supposed to be!

It's going to be an emotional weekend for me especially. Even though it has been 17 months since Mum passed away, I think about her every day, and the fact that she will not be here (in person anyway!) for the girls' first birthday, will lay heavily on my mind and my heart. I have the special candle that Trevor bought me for Christmas ready and waiting ... and we will have a little private ceremony to light it for both my Mum and Dad, and Trevor's grandmother Dorothy.


Will and Michael said...

Congratulations guys! Your little girls are absolutely adorable you must be extremely proud of them. That last photo is priceless. Can't wait to see photos of the birthday party.

Glad things are progressing well with your pregnancy.

All the best

Amani said...

I can't wait to get this house finished and the sewing machine out. Costumes, darlings. Costumes for everyone!!!